Michael Schratt That's Classified Series featuring research into advanced US Military Projects and technology

Part 1: Brief Historical Review of Gravity Research Dating Back to the 1950’s 

Michael Schratt That's Classified supporting transcript, media and articles

From the Lockheed Skunk Works In Palmdale California flying over the Boeing Phantom Works in Saint Louis Missouri, westbound to the Fantasy Factory at Northrop Grumman in Hawthorn California and traversing the desert to Air Force plant 42 welcome to the show that exposes black budget Aerospace technology hidden deep within the military industrial complex its self.


Host Michael Schratt:

The Reagan Diaries: entry for Tuesday, June 11, 1985 (page 334) reads:

"Lunch with 5 top space scientist. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people."

Amarillo Daily News November 26th, 1955

“Aircraft industry firms now participating or actively interested in gravity include

Glenn L. Martin Company of Baltimore

Convair of San-Diageo

Bell Aircraft of Buffalo New York

Sikorsky Division of United Aircraft

Lear Incorporated of Santa Monica, California

Clark Electronic, Palm Springs, California

Sperry Gyroscope of Great Neck, Long Island”

"When we hear about black programs anti-gravity research being done in the mid 1950’s, the articles the reference works back that up, we have a paper trail to back this up." Michael Schratt

"Amarillo Daily News November 26th, 1955" 

The Institute for advanced study and Perdue Research foundation. Centers where pure research on gravity now is in progress in some form include

The Institute for advanced study at Princeton New Jersey and also Princeton University

The University of Indian School of Advanced Mathematical Studies

The Perdue University Research Foundation”

Amarillo Daily News November 29th, 1955 

 “Many in Americas Aircraft and Electronic Industry are excited over the possibility of its using magnetic and gravitational fields as a medium of support for amazing flying vehicles which will not depend on air for lift, space ships capable accelerating in a few seconds to speeds many thousands of miles per hour, and making sudden changes of course at these speeds with out subjecting the passengers to so called G-forces caused by gravities pull is also envisioned. “

"When we hear of about these UFO accelerating like a spark off a grinding wheel then making these 90 degree right angle turns at thousand of miles per hour this is exactly what this article is talking about in 1955"

-Michael Schratt

Amarillo Daily News November 30th, 1955 

"The current interest in Americas Aircraft and Electronic Industries is finding out whether gravity can be controlled or cancelled out is not confined to imaginative young graduates of engineering and scientific schools. Aviation as we know it is on the threshold of amazing new concepts, the United States Aircraft Industry is already working with nuclear fuels and equipment to cancel out gravity instead of fighting it”

-Lawrence D. Bell

"Cancelling out gravity instead of fighting it, this is exactly the wholly grail of Aerospace. Essentially there is two holly grails. Laminator flow control were you allow the separation of air molecules to happen much further back on the leading edge of the wing sucking in the boundary layer and then anti Gravity."

-Michael Schratt

Council Bluffs 11-27-1955 / Conquest of Gravity Aim of Top Scientists In US 

“one almost fantastic possibility is that if gravity can be understood scientifically and negated or neutralized in some relatively inexpensive manner it will be possible to build aircraft, earth satellites and even space ships that will move swiftly into outer space with out strain beyond the pull of earths gravity. They would not have to wreck themselves away through the brute force of powerful rockets and through expenditure of expensive chemical fuels."

Do we really need ridiculous obsolete liquid rockets… the Nazi’s we’re using liquid rockets through out WW2 yet here we have the same technology being proposed decades later, why are they still using liquid rockets? Why are we still using obsolete liquid rockets solid rocket propulsion? 

-Michael Schratt 

“we are talking about Spherical craft that can attain speeds almost at the speed of light, interstellar space travel.” 

Amarillo Daily News November 9th, 1957

“We are entering the age of anti-gravity space travel, spherical craft make weightless and propelled by anti-gravity engines may soon attain almost the speed of light 600,000,000 MPH. This is not a dream, since 1953 the Canadian Government has been working on project magnet at least 14 US University and other research centers are trying to crack the gravity barrier. Teams of researchers and engineers from 4 major American aircraft companies have anti-gravity design and data on their drawing boards proving that what ever goes up does not necessarily have to come back down."

"Interesting to note, What happened in 1995 to the defense contracting industry? The Lockheed Corporation


1961 Martin Company merged with the American Marietta Corporation forming Martin Marietta, then in 1995 Lockheed merged with Martin Marietta to become Lockheed Martin. Why did Lockheed Merge with Martin? We just saw earlier Martin was deeply involved in gravity control research. It is interesting these two companies merged together. We know Ben Rich was intimately involved in classified programs, he took over the Skunk works from Kelly Johnson in 1975, isn’t it coincidental that these two of the deepest black program contractors merged together."

New York Times August 28th, 1955

“Martin planning space research, while we make no pretentions towards a frontal attack on negating gravity many other scientific barriers, fight beyond the speed of sound for example have been breached not by annihilation but by a better understanding of them. The new laboratory will be called Riouse Incorporated.” This is a program going on within the Martin Company."

New York Times February 7th, 1957 

“Gravity studied as power source, Jesse Vernon Honeycook a Director and vice President of Bethlehem Steel Company declared, “ should the mystery be solved it would bring about a greater revolution in power, transportation, and many other fields, than the discovery of atomic power. For example solving the mystery of gravitation force would be of tremendous import in the field of aircraft design where the problem of fighting gravities effects has always been basic."

Amarillo Daily News November 26th, 1955

“Changes far beyond atom are the prize, Search on for secret of gravity the  initial steps for an almost incredible program to solve the secret of gravity and universal gravitation are being taken today in many of Americas top scientific laboratories and research centers. A number of major long established companies in the United States Aircraft and electronics industries are also involved in gravity research, scientist in general bracket gravity with life itself as the greatest unsolved mystery in the Universe.”

"That’s how desperately they were interested in this technology.


Brief historical review of gravity research that dates back to mid 1950’s, so when we hear about these plans that a breakthrough was made in the mid 1950’s yes it checks out, it checks out that the historical documentation leads us in that direction."